Beware of: Albani, wahabie leader.

Bismillah, praise be to Allah, I ask Allah to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and to protect his nation from any harm.

Dear brothers, because it's a must to warn from the deviants, know that there is a man named "Albani" that claims to be a scholar of Hadith Muhaddith. Albani however is a wahabi leader and is not a scholar of hadith or anything. He even admits that he does not memorize 10 Hadiths of the Prophet with their Isnad to the Prophet!!.

Albani has many false sayings:
-He claims that Allah is a body.
-He claims that Allah resides in directions
-He claims that Allah is a body with organs.
-He claims that Prophet Muhammad was misguided person, then Allah guided him to Islam.
-He claims that it's bad innovation (Bid^ah) to use "Masbaha" (wooden beads for thiker - Tasbeeh).
-He requested to destroy the grave of Prophet Muhammad and level it to the ground because millions of Muslims visit the grave of the Prophet to pay their respects.

He has many other false sayings that are against the true sunnah of the Prophet.

Hence Beware of the sayings of "albani" and beware of his false beliefs and books and warn others from him.

Allah knows best.